Using the Interstrength® Method with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment

The Interstrength Method helps you use the MBTI® tool more effectively by giving you multiple ways to help individuals find a good fit within the Jung-Myers model of psychological type. Beyond merely finding a good fit, individuals want to see how to apply the theory to their work. Interstrength Associates is known for its powerful applications to communication, teamwork, and organizational development.

A Unique Approach—The Interstrength Method

The Interstrength Method offers you a unique way to understand each of the 16 types, which leads to having multiple tools to help people better understand themselves. Using the multiple models in this method allows you to layer your work and continually build on the work you do with type.

Temperament Theory provides profound insights into people's deep motivations, core psychological needs, core values, talents, and communication patterns.

Interaction Styles provide easily recognizable information about how people interact and trigger each other in conflict and stress. This model helps you relate the four-letter type code to Social Styles and the DiSC® instruments.

Cognitive Dynamics provide a look at each of the 16 types as a whole pattern of Jung's Cognitive processes (aka mental processes or functions in their attitudes).

The Interstrength Method keeps people from being put in boxes and typecast. It increases people's repertoire of adaptable behaviors and increased agility is what people need most right now.  It also provides powerful applications that people can remember and use right away.